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From this page you can download all the software and additional files currently available from Adept SQL Tools. Please note that all downloads below are for MS Windows operating system (any flavour of NT/XP/Vista). The programs (right now, that is only AdeptSQL Diff) have very moderate hardware requirements and will run on any machine where you can run MS Query Analyzer or any similar client-side SQL tool. The software requires Microsoft ADO (MDAC components) installed and access to some MS SQL Servers, either on the same or different machine. The software is a native-code, self-contained application and doesn't need .NET runtime or other third-party libraries.


IMPORTANT NOTE (09-July-2010): Starting from version 1.98, the Diff only accepts activation keys in the "Licensee name/Short-key" format and is no longer compatible with the legacy "long keys". If you have been using the "WS2008/Vista" edition of Diff already, you should be able to update without any changes to the activation key.

All registered users who still use the "classic" or "long key" edition are welcome to request a replacement key in the new format, free of charge, directly from the program.


AdeptSQL Diff ver. 1.98 for MS SQL Server [Build 104]

Download the newest version of AdeptSQL Diff - our lightning-fast and intuitive tool to visually compare and synchronize two MS SQL Server databases. Note that the program comes with built-in "DataDiff" - a data comparison and synchronization module. The Diff installs as a free 30 days trial, its further use requires a license.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting from version 1.98, the Diff only accepts activation keys in the "Licensee/Short-key" format. It is no longer compatible with the legacy "long keys". All registered users are invited to request a replacement key in the new format, free of charge, directly from the program.

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AdeptSQL Diff ver. 1.97 for MS SQL Server [Build 100]

This is the last version accepting activation keys in the legacy "long key" format. This version is out of date, doesn't work on Windows Server 2008, contains a number of minor issues resolved in later releases and will be eventually removed. Only use it if for some reason you do not want to request a replacement key required for a newer version (and why would that be?)

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Automation samples for AdeptSQL Diff

This archive contains a number of sample programs to control AdeptSQL Diff programmatically via its ActiveX Automation interface. This can be done in different languages, this archive contains samples in Borland Delphi, MS Visual Basic, DHTML/Javascript and DHTML/VBScript. Among other things, the samples demonstrate how you can produce a comparison customized the way you need it.

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Help file for AdeptSQL Diff, CHM format

Download and read this help file if you only want to learn more about AdeptSQL Diff. This is a CHM file, so no installation is needed. The same help file is included with the main AdeptSQL Diff distribution, so you don't need to download it separately if you have already downloaded and installed the program.

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