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Ordering AdeptSQL Diff

You have now entered AdeptSQL Diff online ordering page, which will:

  • Help you choose the license configuration you need from various license types and extras existing for the product;
  • Take your basic contact information so we can assist you with the ordering, if necessary;
  • Redirect you to our secure checkout page on ShareIt/Element5, our contracted e-commerce provider.

1. Your contact information

Enter your contact information Our antispam policy
EMail: *

By providing your email address you give us permission to contact you by email regarding this specific order of AdeptSQL Diff. Your contact information will never be sold, rented or otherwise disclosed to any third party or used for unsolicited email advertisement (spam). However, we ask your permission to keep you informed about product updates and other important events at Adept SQL Tools:

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2. First-time purchase or upgrade?

If you already own a license to one of AdeptSQL products, you may be entitled to receive an upgrade discount on new purchases. Basically, you can upgrade from any license to any "bigger" license of the same product or you can upgrade to any "extras" listed below (currently, only DataDiff) by only paying the difference. All upgrades are done from a separate page or by contacting us directly. Please specify the kind of upgrade you are interested in:

New purchase or an upgrade: If upgrading, please identify your current license
I'm buying a new license

When you ordered your current license, the receipt you received by email contained a numeric code known as "ShareIt Ref#" or "ShareIt Order no.". If you know the code, please enter it into the field below, so this script would identify your current license automatically. Otherwise, simply leave the field empty and we shall contact you about the details of your upgrade order:

ShareIt Ref#
Add DataDiff to your license
Upgrade PERSONAL license to LAN-Pack
Add computers to LAN-Pack
Upgrade to SITE license
Some other kind (please specify:)

Do NOT click this button unless you are upgrading:

3. Choosing license type & extras

There are several different license types for AdeptSQL Diff, as explained below:

PERSONAL license allows you to install the software on a single computer (or maybe also to your second PC, but you would be still the only person allowed to use it). The software enforces this limitation by generating a unique serial number to which the license will be bound. To minimize the risk of the key becoming invalid after some major hardware or system upgrade, you can choose one of the several implemented in the program ways to generate the serial number (e.g. bind to your hard drive serial number, LAN adapter address or your email address). If your license key still becomes invalid, a free replacement key can be requested directly from the program.

LAN PACK license allows you to install the program to a limited number of computers on the same LAN. The price listed below is for a 4-computer license, contact us if you need additional copies.

SITE license allows you to install and use any number of copies of the software within one branch (office, building) of your organization.

Additionally, each of the licenses can include certain optional functionality. Currently, the only such option is DataDiff - the ability to compare table data. DataDiff is an integral part of the Diff tool starting from version 1.50, but it is only activated when you have a "DataDiff-enabled" license.

AdeptSQL Diff license type Price, USD Quantity
Schema only with DataDiff
PERSONAL LICENSE $240.00: $320.00:   (1..3)
LAN PACK (4 computers) $799.00: $999.00: 1
SITE LICENSE $1499.00: $1995.00: 1

Check the trial version!

We provide all AdeptSQL users with free 30-day evaluation period, so you can get to know our tools and be confident with your purchase. Download the newest AdeptSQL Diff here.

Use "Buy now" link!

The most convenient way to start ordering AdeptSQL Diff is to run the program in trial mode, then follow a "Buy Now" link from program's registration dialog. That way, the "serial number" field needed for the registration will be filled in automatically.

  Need a written quote? If your company policy requires that you obtain a written quote before you can place an order, click on this button to request the quote directly from ShareIt, the company that processes all AdeptSQL orders. Before clicking the button, please make sure you've selected a specific license type, it will be needed on the quote request page!

4. Specifying product's serial number(s)

As mentioned above, when you are purchasing a PERSONAL license, you will need to supply the serial numbers for each of the machines you are licensing AdeptSQL Diff for.

The serial is generated by the product running in trial mode. It looks like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and can be found on the registration dialog of the program, as shown on the screenshot.

If you don't know the serials at this time or you are not the end-user of the product, you can still proceed with the order. You won't receive the activation key(s) automatically in the email receipt, but the end-user will be able to request activation key(s) later directly from the program.

For a PERSONAL license, please provide one serial number per each copy you are ordering:

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