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What our customers say...

I love this program, it works so well and saves me so much time. And is well priced!!

Jason Smith,
Brennan Sloan Leahy,


I am still amazed at the speed and reliability of the software. It's made my job so much quicker and less error prone.

Terence Cann,

Adept SQL is most certanly the best sql schema diff tool out there. Have been using it at my previouse job, and looking forward using it for this job as well.

Fedor Dzjuba,
Linn Systems Ltd,


AdeptSQL remains the fastest and easiest, and most configurable, database comparison tool.

Steve Armistead,
Panther Systems,

I've been using AdeptSQL for several years. I has saved me untold amounts of time and frustration. The product is great and support is even better. I love this product and have recommended it several times. I have nothing but good things to say about AdeptSQL.

Glen Paul,,


Great product - saves me hours of manual work & gives me confidence that all my SQL modifications have been successful when releasing new versions - Invaluable!

Keith Meaden,

Thank you so much for the tool as it is a great help to my team. Within the last week I synchronized two servers (with major differences) in matter of few-man-hours. Never wanted to do it due to complexity of the process (old process).

Andrey Glozman,
Archeus Capital Management,


I love using AdeptSQL. I used to deploy database changes by hand, which was time-consuming and prone to mistakes. After investigating Red-Gate and finding it cost-prohibitive, I evaluated your tool. Having relied on it for the last couple of years, I was relieved to see it revised for SQL Server 2005. I've told every DBA I know about it and will continue cheerleading this fantastic product. Thank you for making my job so much easier.

Ike Ellis,
Harmony Spa Management Software,

Kudos to everyone at your company, AdeptSQL has saved my sorry ass too many times to count. It is the most important application running on my machine after Visual Studio and Visual Source Safe.

Pedro Vera,
NetLink Resource Group,


The Diff tool has been extremely useful! I use it constantly as I'm moving updates through our Development, Test, and Production databases. I can't count the number of hours it has saved me.

Jay Miller,
Astra Digital Inc.,

Your product is fantastic and has saved me so much time. I am lost now without it - and it's been less than one week!

Jennifer Knoblock,
Gladson Interactive,


AdeptSQL is a great product which I use every other day, saving me heaps of time, and letting me sleep soundly at night.

Stuart Robertson,
Enlighten Technologies Ltd,

It indeed is a very nice program and it has made database management for our application servers much more manageable. And thank you for the GREAT customer support!

Andy Harris,
Kadro Solutions Inc,


I love it. It "just works" and it's absolutely central in my responsibility of keeping our development, test and production databases in sync. Being able to take the entire schema as a text file is ace - I keep a copy in subversion so that we have code + schema revision logs.

Bernard Blundell,
Shared-Solutions Ltd.,

AdeptSQL Diff is now our companyís primary tool for pushing database objects from test to pre-production to production. We are very happy with the tool.

Brett Estes,
FNC Inc,


The project requiring use of the AdeptSQL Diff tool was the upgrade from v1.5 to v2 code of a complex online suite of incentives programmes operated on behalf of several very large clients. Use of AdeptSQL reduced the comparison time from half a day to less than five minutes.

Jon Cooper,
Visation Ltd,

It was nightmare keeping up to date with minor changes to the database structure - adding new fields, new indexes, removing old indexes etc. I am very happy to say that AdeptSQL took all the pain out of this process, being very easy to use and understand. I would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent tool to anyone with an SQL server.

Roger Green,
Carlisle Brass Ltd,


Currently, our production database is around 23Gb, and contains 1200 tables & 15000 stored procs. On my laptop (P3-800, 512mb RAM), it usually takes AdeptSQL Diff about 5 minutes to run the compare. 
...[on the same machine] I got sick of waiting for Red-Gate to finish, and killed it after an hour and a half.

Very impressive!

Once again, I'll repeat: You're a hell of a programmer!

Scott Ivey,
BlueDot Services,

It's brilliant. I've evaluated other tools like SQL Compare but they fall apart on seriously large databases. Our main database contains 1800 tables; SQL Compare sits there grinding away and eventuall crashes with a GPF after about 3 hours. AdeptSQL Diff comes back neatly in under 3 minutes. Impressive stuff.

Joris Laperre,
Global Care Solutions,


Exactly the information I needed in less than 5 minutes...amazing, I'm really impressed and will wholeheartedly recommend use of AdeptSQL Diff.

Thanks for a great product!

Jon Cooper,
Visation Ltd,

This is a great utility! It's saved me tons of time, and has easily paid for itself in time saved during the evaluation period. I licensed it, and consider it a 'must have' in my toolbox.

John Kraft,
WildImpact Marketing,


...don't know how I lived without it! Your tool has saved me many, many painful hours since I got it.

Dan Terrill,,

...once you get used do using Adept its a real handicap not to have it available!

Jennifer DeVol,


We're absolutely in love with your product... You guys have saved us weeks worth of work this year alone, and with the DataDiff enhancement, youíll have life-long devotees here. If you ever swing down into the states around Philly, we owe you a night on the town!

Roland Collins,

Wow! If only everyone we purchased software from was so responsive, friendly, and *particularly* helpful as yourself!!

Craig Penton,


Thanks for your help, you were very fast and useful. Also congratulations for Diff - it is an excellent tool and it proved to be very useful for us.

Mihai Savu,

...My colleagues are extremely satisfied with your product, so that's the reason I bought two more licenses.

Romeo Macaria,


I've been evaluating AdeptSQL Diff+Data Diff for quite a while now and have already bought a licence. I must say that your product is absolutely superb. It does exactly what i need and is so suprisingly easy to use. I work as a developer with emphasis on databases (ms sql) and have evaluated quite a few products that claim to do what yours does however none of them come even close to the standard of completeness and ease of use that you have.

Dimitry Gofman,
Capricorn Audio & Visual,

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